Michael Midas Champion Giveaway Contest Launches

(July 8th, 2015) Michael Midas Champion is launching a giveaway contest at 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Writer Jordan B. Gorfinkel (Batman: No Man’s Land, Birds of Prey) and artist Scott Benefiel (Transformers, Superman) have created Michael Midas: Champion Book 1 (ISBN: 9780425280782), coming out this August from Penguin  Random House.

The book asks the question: what happens when the hero doesn’t—or can’t—save the day? Because he has to juggle family and duty to humanity and starts to crack under pressure? Because the super villain is his childhood bully who gets into his head? And because their battle destroys the world before the book is over?

The creators wanted to give fans a chance to walk in Michael Midas’s shoes by holding a giveaway contest. Want to participate? The first part is that we will be giving away “I Am Champion” t-shirts at noon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at artist Scott Benefiel’s table GG-22 in Artists Alley. Quantities are limited—come on time and don’t miss out!

Next, join the I AM CHAMPION contest to enter your name in the random drawing to win prizes, including Michael Midas Champion preview editions signed by the creative team; signed limited prints; original art; and a rare treat, drinks with Jordan “Gorf” Gorfinkel during the show. There are two ways to enter and win:

Option #1: BE A HERO

  • Post a photo of yourself wearing the I AM CHAMPION t-shirt on Instagram (using @michaelmidaschampion) or Twitter (using @michaelmidas1), and include the hashtags #MMChampion and #SDCC2015.
  • Earn one extra entry if you are photographed with other convention heroes and/or doing something heroic (in spirit only… do not try anything risky!). Photos increase your chances of winning—the more photos, the greater the odds of your name being drawn.
  • Gorf will be on the floor looking for the shirts as well... if he sights you and asks for a photo, you earn a bonus entry!

Option #2: BE A SIDEKICK

Even if you don’t have a t-shirt, you can still be entered to win!

  • Take photos of people being kind and helping each other and post on Instagram (using @michaelmidaschampion) or Twitter (using @michaelmidas1), and include the hashtags #MMChampion and #SDCC2015.
  • Earn one extra entry for each photo of someone wearing the I AM CHAMPION t-shirt at SDCC.

All prizes will be announced Sunday at noon at artist Scott Benefiel’s table GG-22.

Follow the contest as it progresses via Twitter: @michaelmidas1 and Instagram: @michaelmidaschampion.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Contact Info:
Lys Galati